Yong’s Wedding

Yong di hari pernikahan

Bersama Cik Yam, C-kin and Yong. Make-up done by Mak Cik Laila.

Little Hannah with her “pipiikk”

Ayom and Cik Yam

Gifts from the Bride

Gifts from the Groom

Mama and Papa to be

With newly weds. Very nice stage indeed.

Ayom and Wan pulak

Uuuuuuu….Mak Lang with her pouting and Hannah with her stim eyes..hehehe

Mak, Bapak, Angah & Bok De (our fav auntie)

Mrs Lisa and her 2nd hero. Mr Raziq.

Kak Yana enjoying her food. Yummyyy~~~

Alim in the house!!!

Hannah eating her fav food. Maruku.

Our distinguished guests on that day. Kids from rumah anak yatim.

The newlyweds on their BIG DAY.

White theme. Me likey 🙂

That’s all update on the Yong’s wedding reception. Very blinking hot on that day. We’re enjoyed the mouth-watering food so much. Esp Daging Kuzi….I wish I can get the recipe.Last but not least, my prayers go to them. May Allah always  bless Yong and her husband , Suhardi. Amin.


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