how’s my life?

I know some of you might really want to know how I am doing in Pontian. Well, things go as I expected; teaching, meeting, paperwork, etc,etc equal to a busy life (with capital B). Sometimes I feel that I almost have no life and yes, I am not joking. I think this is what new teachers experience in their first year of teaching. It does not mean in the second year onwards I will not be busy; it is just that I might have adapted well with this hectic situation after having little experience of teaching in school (hopefully). But Alhamdulillah, I can’t thank Allah enough. If I ‘m not busy with this teacher duty, I might waste my time and do nothing, which is a total waste for my dunya and akhirat.

Well, I enjoy teaching the kids especially 4A students because they are smart and funny. I have been allocated to teach:

English Year 4A,

English Year 3C

English Year 1B (the most difficult one!)

I am also teaching Science Year 3A.

I am also ‘guru kelas tahun 4A’

and I had dengan bersungguhnya done the duty roaster and organizational chart today, huhu. Our class theme colour is red because it symbolizes courage and dignity (as our blood is red in colour).

That’s all for now. Btw, I am in JB, attending ISMA’s programme. Get to go.





1 Comment

  1. ayom said,

    January 13, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    teacher…kite main ‘taruh2’ nak?taruh la teacher – ada budak mcm ni x kat pontian?

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