1)      15.12.09. Alhamdulillah Abang Wan, Alim and Acik had a bliss moment exploring Gua Tempurung in Gopeng (while Ayom was lecturing her students..huhu) We were amazed with the beautiful scenery in the cave plus the spiral staircase which is thoroughly built inside the cave.

2)      We found the stalactite and stalagmite have been formed into different unique shapes. Yes, Subhanallah. The ranger made funny remarks when he said “tengok ni gamba hantu ada, gamba orang ada, etc, etc” while he was pointing out the stalactite and stalagmite to us.

3)      And the funniest thing was, we paid for 40 minutes guided tour and got an orange sticker each but we followed one hour and 45 minutes tour instead.

4)       When someone in the group realized and said “eh, kenapa orang yang pakai sticker oren pun ikut jugak?”  The ranger replied, “nak buat macam mana dah depa nak ikut?” hehehe.

5)      We really didn’t know about that and just blindly followed the crowd since there was no instruction given prior to the tour plus nobody stopped us and told us that we had followed the wrong group. I think they were too busy entertaining other people.

6)       Terima kasih semua dan kami minta maaf.huhu

7)      Btw, untuk abang wan dan ayom: We (Acik and Alim) would like to thank you both for a great hospitality. We can’t thank you enough. Wish you a barakah and happy marriage till you both reach Jannah. Insha Allah. Till we meet again!


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